License management software with great effectiveness

OpenLM - cost-saving, needs-oriented, carefully - briefly: the software for optimal license management. Take advantage of the various options, simplify and optimize license management in your company.

Save License Costs & Avoid Shortages - Efficient License Management

OpenLM is a monitoring and management system for software licenses. It can monitor and analyze the usage of software in your organization and additionally allow you to enforce the usage policy of your floating licenses.

  • Detailed reports about the actual license usage (WHO / WHEN / HOW)
  • Monitor floating licenses live and in real-time
  • Manage an unlimited number of license servers, licenses and users
  • Monitor a wide variety of License Managers: FLEXlm / Flexnet, Sentinel RMS (Aspentech SLM), Dassault Systèmes Licensing Service (DSLS), IBM LUM, Sentinel HASP, LM-X, Reprise RLM, Beta-LM, Mathematica LM (MathLM), and more
  • Automatic synchronization of users and groups with an organization’s LDAP to combine license management with other company information

    5 Reasons for OpenLM

    OpenLM – the license management software – has different benefits:

      • Recognize surplus – save license costs
      • Recognize needs – avoid license shortages
      • Monitor licenses – optimize license usage
      • Assign costs correctly – avoid "license tourism"
      • Maintain license agreements – prevent penalties 

      OpenLM Core

      OpenLM Core is an enterprise software license optimization system that lets you monitor the allocation and deallocation of floating software licenses being used in your organization. It comes complete with usage and utilization reports for management approval and decision making and provides recommendations of optimal numbers of licenses to maintain.

      The core OpenLM product is a complete system that doesn’t require any special software or hardware or any additional components for you to monitor and report the activity of your software license usage. It can be installed by you on your network in a matter of minutes. In addition there is a range of OpenLM Extensions that enhance the functionality of the product and these can be added if and when needed. If you prefer to avoid installation altogether, use OpenLM on our secure cloud.

      OpenLM Core Basic Modules

      OpenLM Utilizer
      OpenLM Utilizer is the core of the OpenLM solution. OpenLM Utilizer monitores the connected license management systems and collects data about license utilization. This data is aggregated and provided to the users as information for monitoring purposes and for the reporting of license statistics.

      OpenLM Utilizer is composed of:

      • OpenLM Server
      • OpenLM EasyAdmin
      • OpenLM Broker
      • LDAP User Synchronisation
      • OpenLM Agent
      • OpenLM API

      To operate OpenLM Utilizer the monitoring of at least one supported software product of a specific vendor.

      OpenLM Server
      OpenLM Server supports software products based on various license management systems like FlexNet, FLEXlm, IBM LUM, DSLS, Sentinel RMS, Sentinel HASP, RLM, BetaLM, MathLM, Greenhills, Codemeter and LM-X.

      OpenLM Server collects Information about the utilization of the software products and stores this date in a relational database.

      OpenLM EasyAdmin
      The OpenLM EasyAdmin User Interface supports all standard internet browsers and provides comprehensive Monitoring and Reporting capabilities für the connected license management systems. Beyond that OpenLM EasyAdmin is, depending on the security settings, the administration interface to OpenLM Server.

      OpenLM Broker
      OpenLM Broker collects logging information and information about license utilization from the monitored license management system and submits this data to OpenLM Server. OpenLM Broker is platform independent java application and is running on the same comuter system as the monitored license management system. OpenLM Broker is providing support for FLEXlm, FLEXnet, IBM LUM, und Sentinel RMS.

      OpenLM Agent
      The ability for the end user to query the license availability is an important step to improve license utilization. OpenLM Agent can be installed on every workstation. "Wo is currently using the license I am actually needing" this is always the ultimate user question in situations when project pressure is at a maximun.

      OpenLM API
      OpenLM API provides access for external systems to OpenLM functionality and information. Using this technology enables users of enterprise systems access to OpenLM information whithout the necessity of leaving their application. The resulting increase of productivity is a big advantage for the enterprise.

      OpenLM Core Add-on Modules

      OpenLM add-on modules are separately licensable enhancements for the OpenLM Utilizer.

      OpenLM Projects Billing
      This extension enables collecting license usage information from Groups of users or projects. This capability is predominantly used by companies that charge back usage time to cost centers. The Groups & Projects extension synchronizes users' data with its LDAP Data Base (Active Directory), keeping the data collection process fully automatic.

      OpenLM Groups Billing
      This extension enables collecting license usage information from Groups of users or projects. This capability is predominantly used by companies that charge back usage time to cost centers. The Groups & Projects extension synchronizes users' data with its LDAP Data Base (Active Directory), keeping the data collection process fully automatic.

      OpenLM LDAP Groups Synchronization
      The OpenLM LDAP Group Synchronization extension makes it possible to automatically create and maintain user groups and computer groups (host groups) in OpenLM.

      OpenLM FlexLM Options File Management
      The OpenLM Option File Management extension employs LDAP (Active Directory), to enable system administrators to manage Option Files easily from the EasyAdmin web based interface. This gives the system administrators easy control over the access of user groups and individuals to licenses.

      OpenLM Active Agent
      Lets you intervene in idle user sessions and either close the session after saving any work or suspend the user’s screen. In both cases, the license will be released and returned to the pool and the user will be able to continue only when a license is again available.

      OpenLM Actual Usage
      Lets you report how much time a license was consumed by a specific user for a specific session. Parameters user idle time, CPU and data IO. Lets you report how much time a license was idle while in the hands of a use

      OpenLM External Database Support
      This extension facilitates saving license usage information on an external Data Base such as an Oracle or MS SQL Server. By default, OpenLM uses an embedded DB. External DB support is recommended for management of large licensing systems.

      OpenLM Role Based Security
      The OpenLM Server supports a role-based security feature that enables the implementation of customized access to OpenLM tools by setting access roles. This feature facilitates the implementation of OpenLM tools for diverse groups; e.g.: help desk, system administrators, managers and developers. The role based security system secures nearly all parts of the system entities, such as listed servers, fields and action buttons.

      OpenLM Unmanaged Licenses Monitoring
      Software products that use a license management service that is not supported by OpenLM or who do not use a license management service can now also be integrated into OpenLM monitoring and reporting.

      OpenLM Advanced Alerts
      OpenLM Advanced Alerts helps to ensure productivity and availability of license management systems by providing notification of previously defined system states via various communication channels. The communication path (email, SMS, console, log) as well as the temporal behavior (frequency, repetition, notification times) and the target group as well as the escalation stage can be defined freely.

      OpenLM License Router

      The OpenLM License Router is a software router for license managers. It can be installed on any end-point in your network and solves the problem of network configuration changes that can disrupt users’ activity on software that requires a license manager for license allocation. And it gives you increased control in implementing application usage policies according to the needs of your organization.

      OpenLM License Router is a virtual license manager that receives all requests made by users who want to check out a license from the license manager. The request received is re-routed to the appropriate license manager according to parameters of the request and the definitions made by the administrator. This will let you change their IP address without having to change the configuration of the software that requests the license and let you easily manage redundancy in a license server cluster so that any failure in the connection to a license server will be replaced by the next server in line.

      Further Information & Prices

      OpenLM is available starting from 1.500,- € (net unit prices plus VAT if applicable).

      Contact us – we will be pleased to send you a personal offer

      To be able to send your personal offer, we ask you to send us the following information directly with your request:

      • Name of the monitored application, number of licenses and name of the Vendor Daemons
      • The total number of users of the monitored applications
      • The OpenLM add-on modules if desired (for additional charge)


      • Application: Kubotek KeyCreator SB, number of licenses: 10, Vendor Daemon: Kubotek
      • Total number of users: 15
      • No add-on modules